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Our service and our people are there to
make your business better!

Beyond began in 1997 and by its namesake, has grown from humble beginnings as a local importer of Mobile Phone Accessories in Australia to a global presence with resources in manufacturing and international distribution partners.

The company's early success came from its commitment to three common constituents in the products - quality, diversification and innovation. This mentality was bestowed upon not only its products, but its people, marketing strategies and management. This mix was the genesis of the name Beyond™ as a marketable asset in itself.

Today as the mobile phone market matures, the need to deliver products which will deliver real satisfaction to consumers presents an even greater challenge.

We want our clients and the consumers of our products to feel they are using something which enhances their wireless communication tool, thus our company maxim "Make it better". Either through the protection and aestehetics of a protective case or the accessibility of a handsfree kit, we uphold our promise of making your tool an even better tool. This product is embraced by the same attitude we hold in our service and our people are there to make your business better.

Beyond also holds various distribution contracts from other local and international manufacturers who share our same principles. Our objective is to deliver a range of products which possess real value for our clients and backed up by a company who understands retail on an intimate level.

We are confident that the people behind Beyond will make it happen and the satisfaction of our clients is assured. Beyond is confident that with its professionalism and passion for the need to innovate, not imitate, will drive us above and beyond.

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